Within the Patrol Division there are two K-9 teams, one on each patrol squad.

The Denton Police Department currently has two police dogs, Bart and Buddy, commonly referred to as K-9’s, patrolling with their respective handlers. Both K-9s are Belgian Malinios, a member of the German Shepherd family, and trained in the detection of narcotics, searches (people, buildings and articles) and general public order enforcement (the traditional image of a police dog). Our dogs and handlers are certified as K-9 teams in CDS detection by the National Law Enforcement Canine Organization (NLECO).

Bart and Buddy reside with their handlers and interact with their families on a regular basis. This practice allows the dogs remain social and pleasant. If you are interested in a free K-9 demonstration for your school or civic organization please contact us.

Our K-9 teams have been responsible for numerous seizures of illegal drugs, arrests of persons trafficking and using illegal drugs and criminal apprehensions and have proven to be a tremendous asset to the Department in furthering our mission of keeping Denton as safe and crime free as possible.

Cpl. B. Korisher/K9 Tide


PFC. J. Eddy/K9 Maly