Town of Denton, Maryland Police Department

Public Information Announcement 

For Immediate Release April 2, 2024 

On behalf of the Town of Denton, Maryland Police Department, I have thoroughly reviewed and followed through on the Caroline County Administrative Charging Committee’s (ACC) recent ruling regarding an incident that occurred on April 7, 2023 resulting in a citizen complaint against two Town of Denton Police Officers.

The ACC reviewed and discussed the allegations of misconduct by the two Officer and found each in violation of Town of Denton Police Policies and recommend discipline based on the Maryland Uniform Disciplinary Matrix.  For Cpl. Snyder, the recommended discipline included ten days loss of leave and/or pay.  I imposed five-days loss of leave and a five-day suspension without pay which was presented to the officer, accepted, and duly imposed.  The ACC also recommended discipline of ten-days loss of leave and/or pay, and a demotion of one rank for Cpl. Mayo.  I imposed five-days loss of leave, and five-days suspension without pay, and a demotion to Patrolman First Class, which was presented to Cpl. Mayo, accepted, and duly imposed.

Caroline County’s ACC process, as established by the State of Maryland was followed to ensure the Officers were held to account.

George. W. Bacorn, Jr.

Chief of Police, Denton, Maryland Police Department